SuperEnalotto Italy hits another high

Saturday October 23rd 2010

Every single week over the last few months, Italian Lottery players have wondered if each week will be the week when the SuperEnalotto record breaking jackpot will eventually be won. It seems that this lottery game has a mind of its own when it comes to producing a winner as the SuperEnalotto hits another high after rolling over in all of the draws that have taken place this week so far. This means that not only is there a massive €171.2 million jackpot, but it is still the world highest jackpot.

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$174 Million
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As lottery players all over the world watch SuperEnalotto continue to grow, Italian Lottery players are spending their time in lengthy queues at terminals throughout Italy to get their tickets for SuperEnalotto. However, with interest now so high, we will see many Europeans buying tickets for SuperEnalotto and indeed all over the world.

With SuperEnalotto being such a difficult game to win, many players will be trying to increase their chances by forming syndicates. This is by far the best way to increase your chances of winning a big prize with any lottery game, but is a particularly good game plan when it comes to the SuperEnalotto.

Players on the other side of the Atlantic will be torn this weekend, as although the SuperEnalotto offers the highest jackpot in the world, the US MegaMillions and PowerBall jackpots are quite impressive too.

Without a doubt it is SuperEnalotto that is the talking point in the world of lottery at the moment and if it rolls again after the draw on Saturday, we will see the lotto ticket buying frenzy continue into next week.

Written by Brett Levenson

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