Take Five lottery winner almost passed out

Friday January 21st 2011

A retiree from New York state has told lottery organisers he “almost passed out” after discovering he’d won close to $19,000. Raymond Keenan, of Spencerport, was watching television when he found out the numbers on his Take Five New York Lottery ticket had been drawn. Mr Keenan was one of three winners for the draw on January 15, each of whom has taken home a cheque for $18,973.

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Mr Keenan, who chose his lucky numbers using family birthdays, was quite clear about what he intends to spend his money on.

“I’m going to buy a car,” he told organisers.

According to a statement released by the lottery, 55-year-old Brooklyn resident Felix Morales also matched the winning numbers. The parking attendant said he will add the cash to his emergency fund.

No details have yet been released with regard to the third winning ticket holder.

Take Five players simply need to pick five numbers between one and 39 to take part. A draw is made daily at 11.21pm and players have a one in nine chance of winning a prize.

Written by Samantha Jones

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