Tickets selling out for Idaho Lottery Raffle

Tuesday December 22nd 2009

In the last couple of months we have seen many lotteries add some kind of raffle to their lottery games, with many of the drawings for these raffles taking place around either Christmas or New Year. These lottery raffle games are proving very popular and it was reported that the tickets for the Kansas Lottery Raffle had almost sold out at the end of November with the draw not taking place until the end of December. So news of tickets selling out for Idaho Lottery Raffle will be of no big surprise amongst lottery players.

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Obviously the UK has added a Millionaire Raffle game to their EuroMillions Lottery game and this is a permanent fixture, but the Idaho Lottery has introduced this $10 raffle game to their lottery as a one off for the festive period. It seems that the various lotteries that have introduced these games have seriously underestimated the popularity of them and tickets are now at a minimum.

The Idaho Lottery claims to have 90% sold out of their tickets leaving an estimated 25,000 of them still available. Players tend to leave it until the last minute to buy lottery tickets for any games which often sees a surge in uptake closer to draw. This of course means bad news for some players who want to play this raffle game from the Idaho Lottery because with sales increasing rapidly, not everyone is going to be able to purchase a ticket when they have almost sold out already.

If you are intending to buy a ticket for the Idaho lottery Raffle then now may be a good time to get one.

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