Teacher wins Virginia Lottery award

Wednesday May 4th 2011

The main focus of most state lottery games in the US is to provide financial support for education to those who need it the most. But often people forget those that provide this education, what is needed and how much hard work goes into providing young people with the education they deserve. News that a teacher wins a Virginia Lottery award will not only be a reminder but also a way to thank one of those who are so often forgotten.

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Wade Whitehead walked into a packed gym on Monday afternoon, but had no idea that all those filling the gym were there to see him receive his award from the Virginia Lottery. Whitehead was one of eight nominations across the state to be put forward for a Super Teacher award from the Virginia Lottery and there were over 13,000 nominations across the state in the initial stages. However, Whitehead was chosen for the award by the Virginia Lottery above all of those nominations.

The award from the Virginia Lottery not only consists of a $2,000 prize for Wade Whitehead, but Crystal Spring Elementary School in Roanoke where Whitehead is a fifth grade teacher will also benefit from a further £2,000 from the Virginia Lottery to spend on supplies.

‘Shocked humbled to receive an award for something that you love to do and are proud to do’ are the words used by Whitehead of his Virginia Lottery award.

In the fiscal year 2010 the Virginia Lottery contributed a total more than $430 million or 30% of lotto ticket sales to public education across the state of Virginia, with the rest going on prizes, retailers and operational costs.

Written by Brett Levenson

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