Tennessee Lottery use other states numbers

Thursday May 6th 2010

Due to severe flooding conditions the Tennessee Lottery was forced to close their headquarters in Nashville on Monday. This meant that the Tennessee Lottery were unable to draw their own numbers for the draw which took place on Monday. Under the lottery Disaster Recovery Plan, the Tennessee Lottery can use other states numbers if they are unable to draw their own. This is probably one of those rules that many lottery players are not aware of until it actually happens but we have brought you a quick rundown of how it worked for Mondays draw.

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The Midday draws for Cash 3 and Cash 4 from the Tennessee Lottery used numbers for the same games from the Kentucky Lottery. The Evening Cash 3 and Cash 4 used the numbers drawn for the same games in the Michigan Lottery while the Pick 5 used the numbers drawn by the New York Lottery for the same game.

When choosing which other games to adopt numbers from, the Tennessee lottery has several factors to bear in mind. They need to pick games which are at least very similar to the ones that they need to substitute the numbers for and also they need the draw times to be as close to their own as possible and this is what has been done for the Monday draws.

This is a very practical way of making sure that a lottery has a result what ever the circumstances. People who buy lottery tickets would be very disappointed if a draw was cancelled and the rush for refunds would be unprecedented. A delay of the draw would also be impractical in these circumstances as no one would know how long it would be until Tennessee was in position to draw their lottery numbers.

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