Texas Monthly Bonus

Tuesday June 16th 2009

A lottery scratchcard winner in Texas has won the top prize in the Monthly Bonus game. And what is the top prize? Nothing less than $10,000 each and every month for the next twenty years! That’s a total prize value of $2.4 million – not bad for a scratchcard win, and proof that Texas really does like to do things on a big scale!

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Oscar Vasquez lives in Laredo, Texas, and he bought his Monthly Bonus scratchcard from his local Tejano Mart for the princely sum of $5. He was about to drive out of town early in the morning and had stopped to buy fuel before setting off. He scratched the Monthly Bonus card on the way back to his vehicle, then stopped in his tracks when he revealed the prize. That’s when he returned to the store for a second opinion.

“I told the clerk in the store that I wasn’t sure if I was awake or asleep, and so I handed her the ticket to check for me,” Oscar explained. “She saw it and said, ‘No, sir, you’re awake, and you won.’”

The Tejano Mart that sold Oscar his $2.4 million Monthly Bonus scratchcard receives its own bonus of $10,000 for doing so. There are four top prizes in the Monthly Bonus game, and Oscar’s win is the second. That means there are still two more Monthly Bonus jackpot cards out there somewhere, and Texas Lottery players will no doubt be eager to follow in Oscar’s footsteps in the near future.

A top prize of $2.4 million is pretty good for a lottery scratchcard, but it isn’t the biggest scratchcard jackpot that the Texas Lottery offers. That accolade belongs to a the $140,000,000 Extreme Payout game which costs $20 and has three jackpot prizes worth $10 million each!

Scratchcards fans who are inspired by this story but aren’t fortunate enough to live in Texas might want to have a go at playing scratchcards online. Play 3 WOW and you could win a scratchcard million of your own!

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