Thanksgiving Raffle for Oregon Lottery

Tuesday October 5th 2010

Lottery Raffles are becoming more and more popular in the US. So much so, that we have seen many of them sell out of tickets shortly after they have gone on sale. If you are one of those lottery players who have missed out in the past, then you now have another chance with the Thanksgiving Raffle for the Oregon Lottery. Tickets have just gone on sale and the Oregon Lottery will be doubling the stakes for this Thanksgiving Raffle meaning that it will be more popular than ever.

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$199 Million
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The Oregon Lottery will be making this raffle draw on 23rd November, which is still a little time away. However, the fact that are two $1 million prizes on offer in this year’s raffle, may see the tickets sell out even more quickly. The Oregon Lottery will also be offering 20 prizes of £20,000 and 2,000 in $100 prizes.

This is the second Thanksgiving Raffle to be held by the Oregon Lottery and if you would like to take part, then you can buy your Thanksgiving Raffle tickets from anywhere that sells lotto tickets for the Oregon Lottery.

The winner of the only $1 million prize that was offered in the last Thanksgiving Raffle from the Oregon Lottery was Ellie Combs from Lake Oswego.

As tickets went on sale on 26th September, it is important that you get in early if you want to be in with a chance. As with all lottery raffles, there are only a limited number of tickets for sale and this one from the Oregon Lottery is like to be one of the most popular this year.

Written by Katelin Thompson

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