The Lottery Changed my Life on TLC

Sunday August 9th 2009

Many of our readers may have seen ‘The Lottery Changed my Life’ on TLC and if not then it is worth watching if you like to see how winners are spending their money. The show airs twice weekly on TLC at 8pm and runs for an hour with the show format consisting of winners who have either spent their lottery winnings wisely or simply thrown it down the proverbial pan.

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The 13th and 14th August sees a show airing entitled the Doorman Millionaire and meets a lucky winner of from Manahttan, a Florida Lottery winner and another winner who is learning to live life in his new millionaire lifestyle.

On 20th August The Lottery Changed My Life on TLC features a chap who is spending all of his winning on a business he loves, music.  A mother who wants a completely fresh start after a big lottery win also stars in this episode and how the youngest multi-millionaire in America blew all of his winnings!

Throughout the shows for The Lottery Changed my Life on TLC it is apparent, as you would expect when you buy lottery tickets and win big, all of the people interviewed for the show agree that your life doesn’t change slowly but overnight. All of the ‘rookie’ millionaires featured in this show have handled their big wins differently and it’s definitely a show worth taking a look at.

Remember, one day it could be you and watching this series could give you an insight on how you should or shouldn’t spend your lottery winnings!

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