The Lotto Way

Monday November 3rd 2008

A new television advertising campaign in the UK is being launched to celebrate the ‘Lotto Way of Thinking’. The commercial at the heart of this campaign runs for a whole minute and opens with a woman throwing a message in a bottle. A narrator then says ‘Let’s give it up for the optimists.’

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Next, we see a man in fancy dress waiting for a marathon to begin, as the narrator says, “The ones who think anything is possible.” We are then taken to a busy café where one person is looking up at hot air balloons, and the narration continues: “The ones who look up, not down.”

“Let’s hear it for the thrill-seekers who do things just for the hell of it,” the narrator says as we watch a man using a lilo to sledge down a hill in winter. We then visit a fairground where we find an elderly couple riding a carousel, and the voiceover continues: “The excitement lovers who think you can never have too much fun.”

“The ones who don’t let any opportunity pass them by,” the narrator says as a cyclist weaves through a refreshing garden sprinkler. The action then moves to a woman sprinkling breadcrumbs in a city plaza, and office workers who are looking down from above can see that she has created a giant image of a smiling face. “And who think big, not small,” the narrator says.

Then, to round off the catalogue of optimism and positive thinking, the ad takes us to a man emerging from a newsagents with a lottery ticket, and the narrator concludes: “Welcome to the Lotto way of thinking. Think Lotto.”

Commenting on the new TV campaign, Ailsa McKnight, who is Brand Marketing and E-Commerce Director at Camelot, said: “Almost half of all adults in the UK play the nation’s favourite millionaire-making game every week – we want to celebrate that and give our players something to feel good about. This is the first ad in a simple but engaging series – a campaign which will resonate with players and one with which they will be able to relate.

“Just like ‘Who’s Next’, which proved popular with players and viewers alike, the new ad is all about involving the audience – and the everyday situations where all of us ‘give it a go’. Over 10,000 people have won a share of the Lotto jackpot to date – we hope the new campaign will inspire even more people to embrace ‘the Lotto way of thinking’ and give it a go for themselves.”

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