Thief Breaks into Car, Misses Winning Powerball Ticket

Friday May 29th 2015

A thief who broke into the car of a Seattle couple stole a pair of cheap sunglasses - and missed out on a winning Powerball ticket worth $1 million. The entry was purchased at a Seattle convenience store on February 10th 2015, when the jackpot had soared to $564.1 million for the draw on February 11th. The top prize was split by three ticket holders from North Carolina, Texas, and Puerto Rico, while an astonishing 33 tickets - included that of the Seattle couple - matched all the main numbers drawn to win $1 million each.

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According to Washington Lottery officials, that winning ticket sat in the couple’s car for three months before they decided to check the numbers, as they “didn’t even think about a second chance prize” for Powerball. When a thief busted into their car during that time, they made off with a pair of sunglasses sitting right on the top of the ticket.

Finally, on May 14th, the couple checked the ticket only to discover how close they were to losing out on $1 million to a petty burglar - they had matched the five main numbers they had matched the five main numbers drawn back on that dreary February day to win a seven-figure payout. They now plan to visit Paris and Iceland using some of their winnings and will look after their house.

More recently, the Powerball jackpot has rolled over yet again and is now worth an incredible $171 million (cash value of $107.1 million) for Saturday’s drawing. If you’re buying tickets from a retailer, keep them in a safe place - and check the latest Powerball results here after the game so that you don’t wait months to find out if you’re a newly-minted millionaire!

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