Three Big Lottery Wins For Lucky US Family

Wednesday July 27th 2011

We have heard many times in the past about the lucky lottery players who have a couple of significant win on the lottery and defied all odds and expectations. However, the news of three big lottery wins for a lucky US family will leave many people all over the globe stunned. The most recent win for the family came this month for Kimberly McCawley from Charlotte who won $100,000 on the new 10 X the Money game from the North Carolina Lottery.

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Back in April 2007, Kimberly’s mother Amy also had a fantastic win on the North Carolina Lottery winning just over $161,000 on the Cash 5 game. These two wins alone would have normally left any family stunned at such good fortune but these came after the families most significant of all. Back in 1991 Amy won a massive $15.5 million on the New York Lottery along with two $1,000 prizes on the state’s $130 Million Blockbuster game back in 2009.

So in theory this family have won five prizes in all but two of them were less significant at the time. So if you ever thought that luck like this on the lottery wasn’t possible then think again.

Many state lottery’s change their games frequently, especially the scratch off games, but the North Carolina Lottery is still running the Cash 5 game and of course Lotto from the New York Lottery is still very much alive and currently boasting and $11 million jackpot. So if you fancy your chances on either of these games then buy your lottery tickets now.

Written by Katelin Thompson



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