Three is the magic lottery number

Sunday August 23rd 2009

A recent look at the statistic for the UK National Lottery has revealed that three is the magic lottery number according to an article in the Guardian. A look at the most recent winners who opted for publicity after winning the Lotto in the UK showed that people living in a home with the number 3 as their door number had scooped an impressive £77,180,678 in total since the UK National Lottery launched back in November 1994.

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Other door numbers are lucky as well although three is the magic Lottery number, 2 comes in a close second with other runners up being 5, 6 and 4. All of the statistics were analysed and collated from winners who had managed to win jackpot prizes over £50,000 according to the piece in the Guardian.

It also appears that when you buy lottery tickets for the UK National Lottery it might be worth travelling to certain areas of the UK as there are lucky postal areas as well. Kent Medway Town (ME) came in 1st place followed by two Essex postcodes, Ilford (IG) and Romford (RM).

So whilst many players tend to choose numbers for any of the lotteries around the world based on family members birthdays or dates that have special significance in their lives there may well be other factors to consider when you buy lottery tickets for the UK National Lottery.

For those of our readers who live at a house numbered three and who don’t play any of the lotteries online, now might really be the time to cash in on this lucky number!

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