Tourists flock to Italy for the SuperEnalotto

Sunday August 16th 2009

Yet again the SuperEnalotto has failed to create a big winner meaning the jackpot on offer from the Italian Lottery stands at an impressive £120 million (€135,900 million). Last week tourists flocked to Italy for the SuperEnalotto and the chance to win the massive prize fund on offer but as yet no one has managed to predict the winning combination of numbers since January of this year seeing the prize pool rise to humungous levels.

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$186 Million
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The prize fund now on offer has beaten the previous record held by a national lottery that was £107 million and was set in Spain in May of this year. Tonight hosts the next prize draw for the SuperEnalotto and with tickets costing just a Euro each they are bound to be even more tourists flocking to Italy for the SuperEnalotto massive jackpot.

Players can buy lottery tickets online for this huge jackpot and mathematicians have said that the odds of winning the SuperEnalotto currently stand at 622 million to one but if you aren’t in it, you can’t win it so it really is worth investing a couple of euros for the chance to win £120 million!

To win the SuperEnalotto you have to choose six numbers from 90 and hope that all your balls are drawn; however smaller prizes are also on offer from the SuperEnalotto.

Previously the largest amount won on this lottery was £85 million in a Sicilian town called Catania where as in May a lucky Spanish woman scored a Euromillions jackpot win of a staggering £110 million!

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