UK National Lottery Awards

Tuesday January 12th 2010

The UK National Lottery Awards are designed to give recognition to the many good causes for which funding has been provided. The public are invited to nominate any project or cause in their local area, which has received National Lottery funding within the past 15 years. The awards organisers want to hear about projects that the public feel have made an impact on their local area and indeed would like to receive nominations from people who may be directly involved with any of these projects.

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There are seven categories to the UK National Lottery Awards and these are sports, heritage, arts, environment, health and education and voluntary/charity. If member of the public feels that any of these causes or projects have had a positive impact on the local area or themselves personally, then they now have the chance to nominate in order to get it the recognition that it deserves.

All entries for the National Lottery Awards must be in by  5pm Friday 12th February and you can make your nomination by telephoning 020 7234 4366 or by visiting the dedicated web page for more information.

When people buy lottery tickets, they are often unaware at just how much impact that the money they spend can have on any local community. Many often just see the lottery as a chance to win a fabulous amount of money. The National Lottery Awards is an excellent opportunity for people to see exactly just how valuable that this funding can be and how many lives have been transformed since the lottery funding has been available.

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