Unclaimed Powerball Prizes Leave California Wondering ‘Where are the Winners?’

Wednesday March 5th 2014

Two giant Powerball jackpots currently remain unclaimed in California; one worth $60 million and the other worth a staggering $425 million. So far this year, California is the only state to have scooped a Powerball jackpot prize but as of yet, neither winner has stepped forward to collect their life-changing win.

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The $425 million Powerball top prize became the sixth largest jackpot in US lottery history and was finally won on Wednesday February 19 after 15 consecutive draws. The lucky ticket was purchased more than two weeks ago in Milpitas, Northern California, at the Dixon Landing Chevron convenience store, but the ticket’s owner has yet to come forward.

While the winner is not yet reaping the rewards of a winning ticket, the store’s owners certainly are. After receiving the $1 million retailer commission, co-owner Parmeet Singh said the extra cash meant a lot to the family owned store, and added “It’s just a great opportunity.”

Meanwhile, just 120 miles north in Sacramento, a second multi-million dollar jackpot prize also remains unclaimed. The $60 million prize was won in Saturday’s Powerball drawing after one fortunate Californian matched all five main numbers plus the Powerball.

The lucky ticket was sold at the Tooley Oil gas station on Dudley Boulevard in McClelan and store clerk Medy Stein spoke about the effect the win has had on the store; “We’re so excited” she said, “Customers keep coming in - they all want to buy tickets now." In addition to increased custom, the store’s owners will also receive a retailer bonus of $300,000.

Although these big wins have helped the community’s local economy and caused widespread excitement, they’re beginning to gather dust, leaving everyone wondering; where are the winners?

The winning numbers from the $425 million draw on Wednesday February 19 were 1, 17, 35, 49 and 54 with the Powerball 34.

The winning numbers from the $60 million draw on Saturday were 3, 8, 25, 30, and 47 with the Powerball 13.

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