Unclaimed UK National Lottery prize

Thursday January 14th 2010

It seems that no matter how many times unclaimed prizes are reported as going to good causes, or how many appeals are sent out urging winners to come forward, lottery players still fail to see the importance of checking tickets regularly and keeping them safe. The news of yet another unclaimed UK National Lottery prize, this time to the tune of £100,000 will leave many people wondering why so many people who play the lottery, do so and not claim when they have won.

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This recent ticket for the National Lottery is from the draw which took place on 8th August 2009 and was purchased in Blackpool. The winner now only has until 5.30pm on 4th February to come forward to claim their National Lottery prize.  The UK National Lottery are again appealing to all lottery players who may have bought a ticket in Blackpool for that particular draw date to dig out their lottery tickets and check them to see if they are a winner. The winning numbers for this draw were 9, 17, 26, 32, 33, 36 and the bonus ball was 6.

This is a life changing sum that is unclaimed here and it is hoped that the holder of this winning lottery ticket will see the appeals and eventually come forward before the deadline.

It can only be emphasised again how important it is to buy lottery tickets and immediately put them in a safe place. Lottery players also need to be reminded of how important it is to check these tickets regularly, particularly when after so many appeals there is still a staggering amount of lottery prizes being left unclaimed.

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