US lottery games still rising

Thursday April 15th 2010

We brought the exciting news earlier in the week about the staggering midweek lottery rollover jackpots that were up for grabs in the American midweek lottery draws. The news of these US lottery games still rising after the draws have taken place is likely to see lottery fever amongst Americans reach a pitch that many of us have never seen before. In fact, we will probably see worldwide excitement as the power of the internet allows anyone to buy tickets for these games, so you don’t necessarily have to be in America to play.

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$199 Million
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Topping the bill in these rollover lottery jackpots is the US multi state game, PowerBall. The midweek draw for this game took place on Wednesday 14th April and with no one matching the winning numbers, the PowerBall now has a massive jackpot of $122 million for the Saturday draw.

The other multi state lottery game, MegaMillions also rolled over again after the draw on Tuesday which puts the jackpot at an amazing $122 million for the next draw, taking place on Friday 16th April.

Another game that we brought you news about earlier in the week was the Florida Lottery. Obviously this is not a multi state lottery game so the jackpot is nowhere near as high as either the PowerBall or MegaMillions lottery games, but nevertheless, it still has a more than attractive jackpot of $52 million to play for on Saturday when the next draw takes place.

So with a combined jackpot for these lottery games of more than $300 million, the only thing you need to decide is which of these games you are going to buy lottery tickets for.

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