Vietnam Lottery produces veteran winner

Wednesday February 24th 2010

A win on the lottery at a young age is what most of us dream of. After all, to win such a huge amount could only really be beneficial if you had a lifetime to enjoy it. This is what many of us may think but one person in particular may disagree with this. The Vietnam Lottery produces a veteran winner who, after living a lifetime of poverty, will now be enable to live out the rest of his life in a style which he has only ever considered in his dreams.

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Unfortunately, many people live in poverty in Vietnam and this lottery win has sparked a frenzy amongst the elderly recipient’s relatives in a bid to get their hands on a share of the lottery win. In fact the winners home was so overwhelmed that local officials has to step in to prevent him from being persuaded to give his whole lottery win away.

Nguyen Van Het had spent 100,000 dong when he went to buy lottery tickets for the Vietnam Lottery, which is roughly about five dollars, and it is reported that his win amounts to 7.6 billion dong which is about 400,000 dollars. In a country where the average annual income is about 1,000 dollars, this truly is a significant lottery prize to win.

We hope that once the situation calms down the winner and his sick wife will be able to enjoy their win on the Vietnam Lottery as they deserve, and that it will make up for all the years of hardship that they have endured.

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