Vikings scratchcard for Minnesota Lottery

Tuesday July 20th 2010

An announcement was expected yesterday to confirm that the new Vikings scratchcard for the Minnesota Lottery will make its debut today. However, it is important that all lottery players are aware that this new scratchcard from the Minnesota Lottery will play no part in providing funds to help the Vikings finance the new stadium that they have been campaigning for. The move comes after the NFL gave the go ahead for teams to deal with state lotteries, allowing team logos to be displayed on lottery scratch off games.

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As many as eight teams created corporate partnerships with various state lotteries almost immediately after this decision was made, but it has taken the Vikings a year to strike the deal with the Minnesota Lottery. This Vikings scratch off game from the Minnesota Lottery will give lottery players the chance to play for a top prize of $200,000, along with a second chance to win a VIP season ticket for four people.

The deal means that the Vikings now have a sponsorship from the Minnesota Lottery and are understood to be receiving a payment of $193,000 for the use of their team brand on scratch off lotto tickets. It is also understood that the team will also receive royalty payments once the sales of these scratch off lottery tickets exceed a certain threshold, this is understood to be $9 million.

To promote this new game from the Minnesota lottery, players can expect to see two TV adverts along with two radio adverts which will feature former Viking, John Randle.

Written by Brett Levenson

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