Virginia Lottery Player Wins 25 Times in One Draw

Monday August 10th 2020

A Virginia man bought 25 identical lottery tickets for a single Pick 4 draw - and amazingly, won the top prize 25 times.

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Truth really is stranger than fiction. “Something just told me to play 25 times,” Raymond Harrington of Virginia Beach told Virginia Lottery officials of his incredible lucky streak.

All 25 of Harrington's $1 plays had the same numbers, 4-6-4-0, and were for the July 17 Pick 4 evening draw at 11 pm.

Astonishingly, his hunch paid off big-time when he won the Pick 4 $5,000 grand prize 25 times - a total of $125,000! Not a bad return for $25.

Harrington purchased his lucky tickets at Wegman’s, 4721 Virginia Beach Boulevard in Virginia Beach. He said he will use the prize money to help his two sons, who are both in college.

Virgina Lottery Has Deja Vu All Over Again

Incredibly, last year another Virginia player had almost the same experience - she won 30 Pick 4 prizes in a single day!

Deborah Brown of Richmond first purchased 20 $1 plays with identical numbers, 1-0-3-1, for the February 11, 2019 draw. She simply had a "feeling" about the numbers, she told Virginia Lottery officials.

Following that, “a couple of times during the day, I saw those numbers,” she said, which led her to pick up 10 more tickets at a Shell station in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

Brown's instinct was rewarded when she won the $5,000 grand prize 30 times, giving her a total prize value of $150,000. Brown was shocked by her big win and said she "nearly had a heart attack."

She said at the time that she was thinking of using the money to remodel her home.

CO Player Wins Two $1 Million Prizes in One Draw

Another player who enjoyed an amazing hot streak was Joe B. from Pueblo, Colorado, who scored a $1 million Powerball prize twice in a single draw!

Joe bought both his lucky plays for the March 25, 2020 draw on Lake Avenue in Pueblo. He picked up one ticket from 7-Eleven at 926 Lake Avenue, and the other from the Loaf and Jug at 2050 Lake Avenue.

Joe had been playing his favorite numbers for 30 years before finally seeing his persistence pay off. When lottery staff asked what he and his wife would do with the money, Joe joked that "the Boss has plans for it."

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NC Man Visits 40 Stores, Wins Last $5 Million Prize

Kevin Clark is another lottery player whose hunch led to an astonishing big win. The Candler, North Carolina resident visited 40 retailers during a four-hour hunt for the last $5 million Mega Cash scratch-off top prize.

"I had a real good feeling it was going to be in the western part of the state," he told the NC Education Lottery. So on July 23, “I went to about 40 different stores and bought every single last Mega Cash ticket I could find.”

Clark finally hit a home run with a ticket from the Stop N Go on U.S. 70 in Swannanoa, near Asheville.

"I scanned it with my phone and it told me to go see a retailer," he said. "So, I scratched it off, and when I scratched it off I couldn't believe it! I started shaking. And then I cried."

Clark decided to take the $3 million cash lump sum payout; after taxes, he took home $2,122,506 million.

What were his plans for the prize? "I’m a simple man and I mow grass,” Clark said. “But I’ve always been interested in real estate, so my biggest plans with the majority of the money is to invest in real estate and some small businesses.”

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