Washington Lottery Announces Changes to Hit 5 and Daily Game

Wednesday August 12th 2020

The Washington Lottery is making changes to two of its games from August 30. A major overhaul of Hit 5 will see the number matrix, prize structure and draw days all updated, while the long-running Daily Game will also be rebranded to Pick 3. Find out about all the changes below.

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Hit 5 Goes Daily

Starting from August 30, there will be more opportunities to play Hit 5. Drawings are currently conducted every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening, but going forward there will be winning numbers selected every evening at 8:00 PM Pacific Time.

You will have more numbers to choose from, as you will be picking your five numbers from 1 to 42 instead of 1 to 39. The odds of winning the ‘Cashpot’ will go from 1 in 576,000 to 1 in 851,000 as a result of this change.

The payout for matching three or four numbers will increase from the existing prize setup, going up from $10 to $15 and $100 to $150 respectively. The prize for matching two numbers will be a free ticket instead of the current $1 cash prize.

The Cashpot will still start at $100,000 and roll over when it is not won, with more big prizes expected due to the change in the number matrix and the increased frequency of the drawings. The cost of Hit 5 will remain just $1 per play.

Daily Game Becomes Pick 3

Following more than 13,000 draws under the name of Daily Game, the Washington Lottery’s oldest game will be known as Pick 3 from August 30. The rules of the game are staying the same, but you will now be able to enter 25 consecutive drawings in advance rather than seven, so a new playslip will be launched.

Daily Game originally began as Triple Choice in 1984 before it was renamed three years later. It remains very popular and Marcus Glasper, the director of the Washington Lottery, is confident it will continue to appeal to players both old and new.

He said: “While many things have changed since its introduction, one thing has remained constant - players’ love of their daily chance to win playing Washington’s Lottery. That said, now is the right time to make the name change. Pick 3 better describes the actual rules of the game, making it more approachable to new players, and also aligns well with our other games like Match 4 and Hit 5.”

In the game, you are required to pick three numbers from 0 to 9, a play type and a bet amount. If you match the winning numbers in the order your play type requires, you win the associated prize.

Go to the Washington Lottery page to find out more about all the games offered in the Evergreen State, along with more information about the lottery’s rules and history.

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