Winners of Biggest Powerball Jackpot Ever Named

Tuesday December 11th 2012

The winners of the record breaking Powerball jackpot on 28th November 2012 have officially been named and have collected their shares of the mammoth prize. The jackpot eventually came in at $587.5 million, after several days of uncertainty regarding the actual prize, which was initially put at anything between $579 and $588 million. Read on for full details of the lucky winners, who hail from Missouri and Arizona respectively.

The first sets of winners to come forward were childhood sweethearts Mark and Cindy Hall from the tiny town of Dearborn, Missouri. They initially announced their win to their nearest and dearest via Facebook, and came forward to collect their win shortly afterwards. The married couple are in their fifties, have three grown up children plus an adopted daughter, and are said to be considering adopting again, now that money is not as tight! Until his win, Mark worked in a hot dog factory, and Cindy has been out of work since being made redundant in 2010, so this money will undoubtedly be a blessing for the family!

Not as much is known about second winner Matthew Good and his wife, as they have opted to shy from the limelight and remain as anonymous as possible. Although their names have been released in accordance with Arizona lottery law, they chose to shun the press conference and retain their privacy. They did, however, give a statement saying they were “extremely grateful and fortunate” for the win, and that they planned to use the money to support their charities and causes.

Both couples opted to take the one off pay out, which will give them each a cash lump sum of approximately $192 million, before federal and state taxes. A full breakdown of the prizes from that famous Powerball draw can be found here. We at wish both families well.

Written by Samantha Jones

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