Winning Powerball lottery ticket thrown away

Wednesday June 8th 2011

A lottery player from North Carolina will be thanking his lucky stars that he recovered a winning lottery ticket that he’d thrown away, only to find it was a £200,000 winner. James Dixon had already checked the PowerBall ticket the day before and disposed of it thinking it was not a winner, but with the trash already on the street ready to be collected, something told this North Carolina Lottery player to retrieve it and check it again.

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James Dixon is a retired maintenance supervisor and the day after he checked his PowerBall ticket, he suddenly realised that he had checked the wrong numbers. Many of us would have left the lottery ticket in the garbage at this point with the chances of winning being so low. But Dixon went straight out to the street and recovered his trash back to his home and searched for his PowerBall ticket.

After checking the first three lottery numbers and finding he had matched those, James started to feel numb as the realization of what might have been swept over him.

As many of us would, Dixon plans to use part of his lottery win to pay off his mortgage and also plans to take his family to the mountains. This PowerBall win couldn’t come at a better time for the retiree, as it is a certain he can now enjoy his retirement with very few money worries thanks to his winning PowerBall lotto ticket.

The next PowerBall draw takes place today and has an estimated $25 million jackpot up for grabs. The other multi state game MegaMillions is not far behind in term of its jackpot.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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