Wyoming closer to starting own lottery

Friday January 28th 2011

The state of Wyoming has moved a step closer to establishing its own lottery, according to reports. According to the Wyoming News, legislation that could lead to the state being able to start its own games, or join multi-state lottery games such as the Mega Millions lottery, was passed by a House of Representatives committee yesterday. House Bill 186 proposes setting up a corporation that would oversee the sales of lottery tickets and distribute prizes.

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The news is sure to be well received by players in Wyoming, who currently have to travel outside of the state to buy lotto tickets. The newspaper reports that the most successful ticket retailer in the neighbouring state of Colorado is located on the border, just 10 miles south of the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming’s state capital.

It is estimated that the establishment of a lottery could result in between $20million and $40million in revenue being generated every year. Once expenditure on advertising, equipment and prizes are taken into account, the state could expect to receive between $8million and $10million.

The Bill will now be debated in the House of Representatives.

Written by Brett Levenson

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