XFingers Challenge

Thursday May 13th 2010

The XFingers Challenge 2008 has been won by Shayne Edwards, a store clerk in Sussex County, Delaware. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the XFingers Challenge is a Delaware Lottery competition created to find the terminal operator with the fastest fingers in the state.

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Lottery players all over the globe will have had the experience of waiting for a less than speedy terminal operator to process their play slip and hand them their ticket. The XFingers Challenge gives Delaware lottery retailers a reason to improve their performance, and it does the job well.

Shayne Edwards won a total of $800 for having the fastest fingers in the state. He won $100 from the preliminary rounds and $700 in the finals. Participants in the competition had to complete a range of ticket requests and related transactions against the clock, and Shayne succeeded in 80 seconds, some 12 seconds ahead of his nearest rival.

Wayne Lemons, Director of the Delaware Lottery, said: “We are thrilled to host the XFingers Challenge every year as a fun yet competitive way to recognize our retail partners and terminal operators for the outstanding job they do 365 days a year. The Delaware Lottery would not be able to achieve its mission of contributing to the State's General Fund without the hard work – and fast fingers – of these citizens.”

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