Treasure Hunt

This fun pirate-themed Pennsylvania Lottery game has a starting jackpot of $10,000 that can be won every day during the 1:35 pm ET draw. A ticket costs $1.00. Hit the jackpot if you match all five numbers drawn.

How to Play

Get started by picking five lucky numbers from 1 to 30, or let Quick Pick randomly computer-generate them for you. You can play up to five times on each playslip - each panel is one $1.00 game.

Mega Millions
Next Estimated Jackpot:
$305 Million
Time left to buy tickets
Buy Tickets

It's easy to play multiple times - you can purchase up to seven daily drawings in advance.

Ticket sales for the 1:35 pm ET draw end at 1:05 pm, so be sure to get your ticket by then to enter that day's draw.

Treasure Hunt Prizes and Odds of Winning

Win a prize by matching anywhere from 2-5 of the numbers drawn. Check the table below for all the prizes and chances of winning.

Treasure Hunt Prizes and Odds of Winning
Match Prize Odds of Winning*
5 of 5 Jackpot** 1 in 142,506
4 of 5 $100 1 in 1,140
3 of 5 $6 1 in 47.50
2 of 5 $1 1 in 6.20
*Overall odds of a winning a prize are 1 in 5.45.
**The jackpot is paid on a pari-mutuel basis: if there is more than one winner, the prize will be divided equally.
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