Pick 3

Pick 3 offers Virginia Lottery players two chances to win up to $500 every day, and with a variety of fun play styles and wager choices, you can play your way. Add the Boost option to increase your chances of winning with five extra number sets.

The Day draw takes place at 1:59 PM ET and the Night draw is held at 11:00 PM ET, seven days a week. There is a break prior to each draw when tickets are not sold, starting at 1:53 PM for Day and 10:45 PM for Night; ticket sales resume after the draw.

The VA Lottery is debuting a new way to play Pick 3 in spring 2021. Please note that the Multi-Draw and Future Play options will decrease following each draw from February 1.

How to Play

Decide how much you'd like to wager: $0.50 or $1. The top prize on a $0.50 bet is $250, and a $1 bet can win up to $500.

Choose three numbers from 0 to 9 (or two for the Pairs play type), or use Easy Pick and your numbers will be randomly generated.

Pick a play type - it determines how your numbers can make a winning match and which prize amounts are available. See below for details of the play types.

Select the draw to play: Day (1:59 pm ET), Night (11:00 pm ET), or both.

Select the Multi-Draw option to play up to 91 draws in a row on a single ticket, or to play on a special date, mark Future Play and let the retailer know which date you'd like. If you have favorite numbers you want to play again, ask for a Repeat to receive a new ticket with the same digits.

Try the Boost add-on and get five extra chances to score a prize. Boost costs $1 more on a $1 wager or $0.50 more on a $0.50 wager. Boost generates five additional sets of Easy Pick exact order numbers. If one of your Boost numbers matches a winning Pick 3 number in the exact order drawn by the Lottery, you take home $100 for a $1.00 bet and $50 for $.50 bet.

Play Types

Fans appreciate how many ways there are to customize your Pick 3 play, keeping the game fresh. Here's a rundown of the play types and how to win with each one:

  • Exact order: (Straight play) Match all three winning numbers in the same order they're drawn. Wager $0.50 or $1.
  • Any order: (Box play) Match all three winning numbers in any order. Wager $0.50 or $1.
  • 50/50: A $1 bet split into $0.50 each on exact and any order plays.
  • Combo: A $1 exact order wager on all potential combinations of the three numbers.
  • Pairs: Pick two digits and match in exact order; the third digit drawn does not affect Pair play. Choose Front Pair (match first two digits), Split Pair (match first and last digit) or Back Pair (match last two digits).

Pick 3 Prizes and Odds of Winning

Match all three numbers drawn and win the grand prize of $500 on a $1 exact order play. A $0.50 play is eligible to win up to $250. See the table below for prize values and odds for each play type and bet.

The following examples show the winning options for each play type if the numbers drawn by the Lottery are 123.

VA Pick 3 Prizes and Odds of Winning
Play Type Example Pick Prize 50¢ Play Prize $1 Play Odds of Winning
Exact Order 123 $250 $500 1 in 1,000
Any Order:
6-Way 123,132,213,231,312,321 $40 $80 1 in 166.7
3-Way 112,121,211 $80 $160 1 in 333.3
6-Way Exact Order
Includes Any Order prize
123 $145 $290 1 in 1,000
6-Way Any Order 132,213,231,312,321 $20 $40 1 in 200
3-Way Exact Order
Includes Any Order prize
123 $165 $330 1 in 1,000
3-Way Any Order 122,221 $40 $80 1 in 500
Cost: $6
123,132,213,231,312,321 $250 $500 1 in 166.7
Cost: $3
112,121,211 $250 $500 1 in 333
Front Pair 12X $25 $50 1 in 100
Split Pair 1X3 $25 $50 1 in 100
Back Pair X23 $25 $50 1 in 100
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