West Virginia Lottery App

With the new West Virginia Lottery app, you can see the latest winning numbers for the Mountain State at any time and enjoy a range of great features. Download it now to never miss out on what has happened in a drawing.

West Virgnia Lottery App

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The app is available for free on iOS. You can choose which lotteries you want to follow, whether you’re a fan of multi-state games such as Powerball, Mega Millions or Lotto America, or West Virginia classics Daily 3, Daily 4 and Cash 25.

You’ll find all the details you need about each draw. The winning numbers for your selected lotteries are displayed on the home screen, and you can tap to discover how many winners there were from West Virginia.

West Virginia Lottery App Screenshots

Use the West Virginia Lottery app to check the latest winning numbers for all your favorite games.

As well as delivering results to your device as soon as they are ready, the app also provides so much more:

  • Check Your Tickets Quickly – The Checker allows you to find out if your numbers have won you a fortune. You can carry out a quick check by selecting the numbers you have played, then letting the app work out for you if you have matched enough to win. If you hit the ‘Add Ticket’ option, it will save the numbers you pick so you can compare them again after every draw - perfect if you regularly use the same numbers or play multiple lines.
  • Get the Alerts You Want – Customize the app to get the notifications you are interested in. This could be an alert when the latest results are out for some games but not others, when the jackpot reaches a certain amount, or when a special event has been announced. You can also get reminders to pick your numbers.
  • Generate Random Numbers – If you’re looking for random numbers to play in the next West Virginia draw, use the Generator to get a set at the touch of a button. You can keep generating as many times as you like, and save any sets of numbers that you want to use.
  • Find Past Numbers – You can find previous winning numbers for your favorite West Virginia Lottery games. The most recent results are visible through the ‘Draw History’ section, and then you just need to scroll down to view the archives.
  • Study the Stats – Use the app to explore a vast array of statistical information. Find out the most common numbers, the most overdue, which pairs or triplets have been drawn together most frequently, and much more. These stats could just help you decide which numbers to pick in the next draw.

You can also use the West Virginia Lottery app to learn how to claim prizes or get the answers to questions. It’s really easy to use, completely free and can be downloaded now from the App Store.