Florida Cash Pop Numbers

Here are the latest FL Cash Pop numbers from the most recent draws. Cash Pop is a single-digit game with five drawings every day; results are posted on this page minutes after the draws take place. If your number matches the number drawn by the Lottery, you win the prize printed on your ticket for that digit. This fast-moving game has the following daily draws to try your luck on:

  • Morning: 8:45 am ET
  • Matinee: 11:45 am ET
  • Afternoon: 2:45 pm ET
  • Evening: 6:45 pm ET
  • Late Night: 11:45 pm ET

Cash Pop is a Florida Lottery draw game with a top prize of $1,250 on a $5 wager. Bets are also available for $1 and $2. Visit the Cash Pop page for more information.

To check the archive of older results starting in January 2022, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "View Past Winning Numbers".

Thu 11:45pm
February 2nd 2023

  • 6
Thu 6:45pm
February 2nd 2023

  • 5
Thu 2:45pm
February 2nd 2023

  • 4
Thu 11:45am
February 2nd 2023

  • 1
Thu 8:45am
February 2nd 2023

  • 7
Wed 11:45pm
February 1st 2023

  • 10
Wed 6:45pm
February 1st 2023

  • 11