Michigan Keno


Keno is an exciting Michigan Lottery game with the chance to win a top prize of $250,000 every day. Drawings take place daily at 7:29 PM EST. Ticket sales close just before the draw at 7:08 PM, and reopen for the next draw at 7:10 PM. Don't worry if you buy your ticket after the cut-off time - you'll be automatically entered into the next draw. Tickets are available to purchase in-store only at authorized MI Lottery retailers.

How to Play MI Keno

It's easy to play Michigan Keno! Simply select 10 numbers from 1 to 80. If you prefer, you can check "Easy Pick" and your numbers will be randomly selected for you. Tickets for Keno cost $1 per play.

  1. Visit an authorized Michigan Lottery retailer to pick up a Keno playslip* (Keno cannot be played online)

  2. Select 10 numbers on the slip between 1 and 80

  3. Alternatively, mark the Easy Pick option and your numbers will be randomly generated

  4. Choose how many draws to enter in advance (up to 60) by marking the number in the multiple draw wagers area

  5. Give your playslip to the retailer to have your ticket printed**

  6. Pay the retailer for your ticket

  7. Store your ticket safely and check the Keno Winning Numbers page after the draw to see if you're a winner!

*Note: If you already have a ticket and want to play again with the same numbers, you don't need to fill in a playslip. Just ask the retailer for Replay. Your existing ticket will be copied for the next available draw (or multiple draws, if that is what you selected on the original ticket). Tickets must be replayed within 31 days of purchasing the original ticket.

**Note: ALWAYS check your playslip before handing it to the retailer. Tickets cannot be canceled after they are issued, and you are responsible for the accuracy of the information you enter on your playslip.

Keno Prizes

As well as the jackpot of up to $250,000, there are five other prize tiers to play for! Check out the odds and payouts below to see what you could win:

Match Prize Odds
Match 10 of 22 $250,000 1 in 2,546,203
Match 9 of 22 $2,500 1 in 57,070
Match 8 of 22 $250 1 in 3,115
Match 7 of 22 $25 1 in 313
Match 6 of 22 $7 1 in 52
Match 0 of 22 $1 1 in 32
Overall odds of winning a Keno prize are 1 in 19