CA Lottery Launches Biggest-Ever $20M Scratcher

Wednesday February 23rd 2022

California Lottery players now have a shot at winning the state's largest-ever Scratchers prize, $20 million. The record-setting new scratch-off game, Set for Life Millionaire Edition, went on sale Monday.

Before the game's launch the biggest prize Golden State players could win on a Scratcher was $10 million.

"Our team is always looking closely at what’s popular among players so we can offer new and exciting ways for Californians to have a little fun and also support our mission, which is to raise extra money for public schools," California Lottery Director Alva Johnson said.

Set for Life Millionaire Edition's life-changing top prize is offered as an annuity, paid out as $800,000 yearly installments over 25 years.

Winners who are US citizens will have 24% of the prize withheld for federal taxes before it is paid. That brings  each annual payout to $608,000 - $15.2 million over 25 years.

Set for Life Millionaire Edition is on sale statewide and costs $30 per ticket. There are 35 ways to win instantly, multiply payouts, or take home the top prize, which makes winners financially independent for life. The game joins an existing lineup of Set for Life Scratchers.

How to Play CA Set for Life Millionaire Edition

If you're ready to become a multimillionaire, then why not try your luck on California's highest-paying scratch-off game? Here's all the information you need to play this brand-new Scratcher ...

  • Set for Life Millionaire Edition Game Number: 1505
  • Match any of your numbers to any of the 10 winning numbers to win the prize shown
  • Scratch a 2X, 5X, 10X, 20X or 50X symbol to multiply your win
  • Uncover a Life symbol to win the game's $20 million jackpot!
  • Overall odds: 1 in 3.22
  • Cash odds: 1 in 4.75

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Check the table below to see what you could win on this amazing new Scratcher. Over time, some of the prizes shown below may have already been won. Odds are rounded to the closest whole number.

CA Set for Life Millionaire Edition Prizes and Odds
Prizes Odds 1 in Prizes Remaining
$20,000,000 3,019,380 4 of 4
$50,000 603,876 20 of 20
$10,000 29,243 413 of 413
$2,000 5,970 2,023 of 2,023
$1,000 987 12,234 of 12,238
$500 479 25,104 of 25,210
$400 300 40,111 of 40,317
$200 123 97,626 of 98,111
$100 35 347,778 of 349,577
$50 30 400,350 of 402,584
$40 8 1,601,333 of 1,610,336
Ticket 10 1,201,249 of 1,207,752

More Ways to Win with 2nd Chance

If your ticket didn't hit a payout the first time around, don't sweat it - there's a total of $100,000 to be won in the Scratchers 2nd Chance Weekly Pool Draws.

For another shot at winning cash prizes, simply submit your non-winning Scratchers ticket for the California Lottery 2nd Chance draw held every week.

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