Powerball Jackpot of $2 Billion Won in California

Tuesday November 8th 2022

A night of suspense gave way to celebration for one Powerball player from California in the latest draw, as they won a record jackpot of $2 billion to become the biggest lottery winner in history.

The winning numbers for the Monday November 7th drawing were revealed to be 10, 33, 41, 47 and 56, with a Powerball of 10, although the draw actually took place on the Tuesday morning after a lengthy delay that was caused by one participating lottery not meeting its required security protocols. All 48 lotteries have to process their sales and submit their player data before a draw can go ahead.

After having to wait for several hours for the results, millions discovered they had picked up prizes, with one ticket holder matching all the numbers.

It is the largest prize ever paid out to a single lottery player, surpassing the $1.5 billion that went to a Mega Millions participant from South Carolina in October 2018.

It is also the biggest Powerball payout of all time, overtaking the $1.58 billion jackpot that was split three ways back in January 2016.

The jackpot had previously not been won since August 3rd, when a player from Pennsylvania landed $206 million. However, it is only in the last couple of weeks that it has accelerated so quickly, powering its way from $1 billion to $2 billion in the space of three draws.

It remains to be seen when the winner comes forward, as they may first seek financial advice or mull over their payment options. They can choose to take the advertised jackpot as an annuity, or accept the cash lump sum of $997 million.

Lottery.net will provide further updates when the winner claims their prize, otherwise you can look forward to the next drawing on Wednesday night. The jackpot will be back to $20 million, and you can check the winning numbers right after the drawing.

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