Powerball Jackpot Smashes $200 million

Tuesday February 5th 2013

The Powerball jackpot has finally exceeded the $200 million mark, after rolling over since Boxing Day 2012. This is the highest top prize seen on the Powerball since 28th November 2012, when the jackpot reached a record breaking $587 million, which was then shared between two ticket holders. Naturally, now that the jackpot has rolled over to over $200 million, it is likely to start attracting even more interest amongst players, as there are many enthusiasts who only buy tickets once the jackpot tops this barrier.

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The estimated jackpot so far for the draw on Wednesday 6th February 2013 is $208 million, although this jackpot may go up or down depending on ticket sales. When it comes to winning on the Powerball, it may be useful to know that the luckiest winning areas to live in are New York, which has seen 42 players win $1 million by matching five numbers (and three players double that by opting for the Power Play), followed by Florida, with 31 $1 million winners (and a whopping 14 financially astute players opting for the Power Play) then Pennsylvania, with 24 Match 4 winners (and five opting for the Power Play).

Having said that, when it comes to the jackpot it doesn’t matter where you live, as the only thing that matters is matching all those numbers! To win the jackpot, players must beat the odds of 1 in 175,223,510 to match all five and the Powerball number. So, if you feel like squaring up to those odds, don’t forget to buy your ticket in time for the draw on Wednesday night, and see if you can be the first player to win an eight figure jackpot on the Powerball this year!

Written by Samantha Jones

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