Texas Lottery Launches First $100 Scratch Ticket in US

Wednesday June 1st 2022

Proving that everything really is bigger in Texas, the Lottery has introduced the nation’s first-ever scratch-off game with a $100 price point and impressive prizes to match.

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Coinciding with the Texas Lottery’s 30th Anniversary celebrations this year, the “$20 Million Supreme” ticket is the country’s spendiest. It offers prizes starting at $150 and going up to an amazing four $20 million top prizes. The game features over $829 million in total prizes.

It’s not the first scratcher with a $20 million top prize, however. The California Lottery released its Set for Life Millionaire Edition in February, doubling the previous top scratch-off prize of $10 million. The game’s top prize is paid as an annuity in $800,000 annual instalments over 25 years. California’s ticket will set you back a comparatively modest $30. The odds of winning the top prize are 1 in 3,019,380 and there were four grand prizes to be won at the time of launch.

The trend for higher-priced scratch tickets has been building for some time. The Texas Lottery was one of the first nationwide to launch a $50 instant win ticket in 2007, and the games have proved very popular with players. The Lottery's top-selling $50 scratch-off is “Casino Millions”, launched last September, which had the highest percentage of sales growth in fiscal year 2021 compared to other prices. That translates to more support for Texas public education.

Other states that recently launched $50 scratch-offs are Arizona, Florida, Missouri, and Pennsylvania, while they were already offered in Colorado, Indiana, Minnesota, and Oklahoma.

“The Texas Lottery is excited about the monumental launch of $20 Million Supreme,” said Texas Lottery Executive Director Gary Grief. “The introduction of the $100 game will provide Texas Lottery players added convenience when they purchase $100 or more of lottery products at a time, and will provide added efficiency for our Texas Lottery retailers, who always face the challenges of long transaction times for large purchases.”

The high price also equals high prizes for Lone Star State Lottery fans.

“With prizes starting at $150 and four unprecedented top cash prizes of $20 million, which are the largest top cash prizes the Texas Lottery has ever offered in a scratch ticket game, we anticipate that the game will generate significant excitement among players and retailers and will provide needed support for public education throughout the state of Texas,” Grief predicted.

At 4 inches by 12 inches, the foot-long ticket is certainly eye-catching. It also features distinctive Scratch FX and Soft Touch elements from the game’s printer, Pollard Banknote.

How to Play

  • Scratch all play areas. If any of your numbers match any of the winning numbers, you win the prize shown for that number.
  • Scratch a diamond symbol and win $150 on the spot.
  • Bonus Play: Scratch two matching prize amounts in the same Bonus to win that amount.

The “20 Million Supreme" game offers eight prize levels in total, including four grand prizes of $20 million, 25 second prizes of $100,000, and 259 third prizes of $10,000.

The game features more than $829 million in total prizes, and the odds of winning any prize starting at $150 are approximately 1 in 3.49. The odds of winning one of the four $20 million top prizes at 1 in 2,550,000.

Players have 180 days from the close of the game to claim prizes. Wins over $599 may be redeemed at a claim center or by mail. The top $20 million prize must be claimed in person at Texas Lottery headquarters in Austin.

As of June 1, all four $20 million top prizes remain available to be won, and only two of the 25 $100,000 second prizes and five of the 259 $10,000 third prizes have been claimed.

TX $20 Million Supreme Prizes Printed
Prize No. in Game Prizes Claimed
$20,000,000 4 0
$100,000 25 2
$10,000 259 5
$1,000 34,745 1,022
$500 518,914 23,987
$300 346,064 15,767
$200 691,905 31,589
$150 1,384,043 62,860

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