Texas Free Lottery

The Texas Free Lottery is a Lone Star State exclusive with free daily and weekly draws that have big cash prizes and won't cost you a red cent to play. The Texas Free Lottery is only available for residents of Texas who are 18 years old and above. The Daily Draw offers a $500 jackpot seven days a week, while the Weekly Draw has a $10,000 jackpot up for grabs. For more game details, check out the Texas Free Lottery website.

Drawing Schedule

These are the draw days and times for the Texas Free Lottery Daily and Weekly draws. Entries close two hours before a draw, so be sure you enter in plenty of time for your chance to win.

  • Daily Draw schedule: Seven days a week at 7:30 PM CT (6:30 PM MT). Draw break begins at 5:30 PM CT (4:30 PM MT).
  • Weekly Draw schedule: Monday at 3:00 PM CT (2:00 PM MT). Draw break begins on Monday at 1:00 PM CT (12:00 PM MT).

How to Play the Texas Free Lottery

It's very simple and quick to play the Texas Free Lottery. Just follow the steps below and you can get your ticket within seconds.

First, register at TexasFreeLottery.com. There's a limit of one account per player. Just complete the signup form and agree to the terms and conditions. Enrolling is free of charge and just requires a few details, like your name and email address. You'll also select a username and password to log in with. Check your email for a verification link and click it. That completes your sign-up and you're ready to play.

To start playing, choose whether you want to enter the Daily Draw, Weekly Draw, or both. For each draw, select six numbers from 1 to 75. You can pick your own lucky numbers, or choose Quick Pick and you'll receive six randomly generated numbers.

After making your selection, you will see one ticket with your numbers for each draw you chose. The ticket is your draw entry and is stored securely in your account so there's no physical ticket that could be lost or stolen.

To enter your first Weekly Draw, use the ticket in your account. If you want to play a second Weekly Draw after that, you'll need to play at least three Daily Draws from Monday to Sunday to enable you to enter each subsequent Weekly Draw.

Enter the draw(s) before the cutoff time. If you miss the deadline, just wait until after the draw, when entries reopen and you'll be able to play the next draw. Following the draw, check the results to see if you're a Texas Free Lottery winner. Your numbers must match all six numbers drawn to win a prize. If you've won, act fast, because you need to claim your prize within two days after the draw.

Prizes and Odds

The Texas Free Lottery has two exciting cash prizes available. The Daily Draw offers a $500 prize seven days a week, and the Weekly Draw has $10,000 to be won. If there are multiple winners who matched all six numbers, the prizes are shared equally among them. For example, if two players win the Weekly Draw, each one receives $5,000. The odds of winning either draw are 1 in 201,359,550 - a better chance than many paid-entry lotteries offer you!

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