Ohio Lottery App

Use the Ohio Lottery app to check the winning numbers for your favorite games in the Buckeye State. Whether you’re at home or on the go, this app gives you everything you need with a quick tap or two. It is even free to download.

Ohio Lottery App

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The app is available on iOS devices and is really easy to use. As soon as you download it, you’ll be given the chance to select which Ohio lotteries you want displayed. Pick as many or as few as you want from all the games offered – Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky for Life, Classic Lotto, Ohio Kicker, Rolling Cash 5, Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5.

You’ll find the latest numbers for your selected lotteries on the home screen, updated as soon as draws have taken place. There’s a host of other features available at the bottom or via the menu.

Ohio Lottery App Screenshots

Use the Ohio Lottery app to view the latest winning numbers, check any tickets and generate new numbers.

Here’s more information about the main features that you can use on the app:

  • Notifications tailored to you – You can customize notifications through the app so you only get alerts that are relevant to the way you play. It may be that you want to get notified when the latest results are available for Classic Lotto, when the Powerball jackpot has hit $200 million, or when there’s news of a special event. Once you’ve set up the notifications, you don’t even need to worry about checking the app - you’ll automatically get alerted.
  • Ticket Checker – You don’t need to figure out for yourself whether you’ve matched enough numbers to win a prize. The Checker gives you a number of options to help. With a Quick Check, you can select the numbers you played and the app will instantly tell you whether you have won. There’s also the facility to add tickets, effectively saving them to the app. This is especially handy if you always play the same numbers, or if you have multiple lines to check.
  • Random Number Generator – Use the Generator to produce random sets of numbers for Powerball, Mega Millions, Lucky for Life, Classic Lotto or Rolling Cash 5. It’s perfect if you are struggling to think of which numbers to play or just want to make sure you get a random selection. You can keep pressing the ‘Generate’ button if you’re not happy with the first line that appears, while there’s also the option to sort the random balls into numerical order, or save any sets to the app.
  • Results History – The app provides a compressive history of results for all Ohio draw games. You’ll only see the most recent numbers on the home screen, but if you select ‘Draw History’ or go into the menu and tap one of the lotteries, the app will bring up many more. You can then load even more or access the archives to find results from previous years if you need them. For each result, you can explore details such as the number of Ohio winners.

You can download the free Ohio Lottery Results app for your iOS device now, or find out about more apps from Lottery.net

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