Lottery fund to help needy families

Tuesday October 27th 2009

£5 million has been allocated by the Big Lottery Fund to help needy families to recover from the recession and rebuild their lives. The money is to go to existing grant holding organisations who are currently working with such families to bring some stability back into their lives.

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The Big lottery Fund is responsible for distributing 50% of the National Lottery good cause funding, making it the biggest distributor of this funding from the National Lottery.

The Big Lottery Fund said that the investment will be used to help a number of areas, which includes projects that help families affect by alcohol and drug abuse, families with members unemployed, advice and counselling and practical assistance in the form of affordable refurbishing as well as tenancy support projects. Other families who will also be considered are those with higher needs such as, lone parents and or families with special needs.

The National Lottery began in 1994 and since then for every single pound that is spent by the public when they buy lottery tickets, 28p is given to good causes. Since then more than £23 billion has been raised from lottery revenue so far to help support causes such as sports, charities and heritage, and more than 317 grants have been awarded across these areas.  It is extremely good news that the Big Lottery Fund can use this money from the UK National Lottery to help those families who are in need with a more direct and targeted approach.

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