Powerball Jackpot Climbs to $250 million

Wednesday November 21st 2012

The Powerball jackpot has been steadily climbing for the past seven weeks since it was last won on 3rd October 2012, and it has finally reached the quarter of a billion dollar mark. The estimated jackpot for the upcoming draw on Wednesday 21st November 2012 is a giant $250 million, putting this jackpot at one of the highest seen this year. However, will it see a winner tonight? Or will it climb once more and generate an even bigger jackpot for the weekend draw?

Should the jackpot be elusive again, it is highly likely that, when compared to previous jackpots of a similar level, we will see an estimated jackpot for the draw this Saturday 24th November 2012 of at least $320 million – if not more. The higher the jackpot, the more tickets sold, and then the more tickets sold, the more the jackpot increases! Indeed, this was evident the last time the Powerball jackpot reached above $250 million, on the 11th August 2012. After no player won the jackpot of £253 million, the jackpot for the next draw was estimated at $320 million. Amazingly, it actually came in at a huge $337 million, and was won by Michigan resident Donald Lawson.

So who knows what will happen during this draw! Even if a winner if found tonight, this will still be the fourth biggest Powerball jackpot so far this year, and will see a winner take away a cash option of a whopping $166 million (before taxes) or an annuity of $250 million. So, players – buy your tickets in plenty of time for the draw tonight – as it is expected there will be a lot of last minute queues – and cross those fingers that you match all five numbers and that Powerball!

Written by Brett Levenson

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