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Wednesday March 11th 2009

There are thirteen more UK Lotto winners thanks to a syndicate of workers at A S K Rewinds Ltd in Accrington matching all six main numbers on Saturday 28 February, 2009. The lottery syndicate won a whopping £3,938,641, which means that each member is now £302,972 richer.

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The syndicate has been playing the UK Lotto game since 1999, and 79 year old Arthur Whitaker has been the leader for the whole time. His son Andy is also a member of the syndicate, and he revealed that his father has been optimistic about their chances of success ever since they started playing.

“Dad is a great syndicate leader and watches the Lotto draw every Saturday night,” Andy explained. “He’s always been convinced that we’d win – but when he rang me on Saturday night I was in shock! Mum said he raced into the lounge, wearing his string vest and started dancing around – which I can just imagine!”

After recovering from his shock, Arthur started sharing the good news with the other syndicate members, but initially they all thought that it was a practical joke. It was only when he produced the winning ticket so that they could check it against the lottery results with their own eyes that their looks of amused scepticism turned to expressions of delight.

“The win has come at such a great time for us all as it means that we can breathe a sigh of relief financially,” Andy explained. “Everyone is absolutely over the moon and we’ve received nothing but well wishes from all our customers, friends and family – it’s a dream come true!”

These latest UK Lotto winners prove that persistence can be profitable. After playing for a decade, they finally hit the lottery jackpot they had always dreamed of. This should inspire anyone who plays the lottery to hold on to their ambition even if they haven’t yet won anything more than a minor prize. As the workers at A S K Rewinds would be happy to confirm, you only need to win a jackpot once to make the wait worthwhile!

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