Texas Lottery Celebrates 20th Birthday

Wednesday May 16th 2012

It is not every day that a lottery turns 20 years old, however one American state lottery is about to do just that. The Texas Lottery has been available to play for a number of years and has given out an impressive amount of money to winners over the years and later this month it is set to celebrate its 20th birthday. On May 29th the Texas Lottery will have been playing for 20 years, but the question is do the organisers of the Texas Lottery have anything planned to celebrate this prestigious occasion?

Well the answer is yes, because the Texas Lottery is releasing a 20th anniversary scratch-off game. This new game to celebrate this American lottery birthday will give players the chance to win loads of prizes that will add up to more than $21.5 million. In this game there will be nine top prizes on offer to win that will be worth $250,000 and then more than 100 second tier prizes that will be worth $1,000.

The Texas Lottery likes to celebrate their birthdays because when they turned 12 they offered players the chance to win an increased jackpot, which then lead to the biggest Texas Lottery jackpot win.

This new Texas Lottery game that is being launched to celebrate the 20th birthday will no doubt excite many players in this American lottery as there are some great prizes on offer to win. Therefore if you want to mark this occasion make sure you participate in this new scratch-off game and you could match the numders drawn in the Texas Lottery results and win yourself a prize.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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