Massachusetts Lottery Ends Loophole Winners Run

Friday August 5th 2011

The Massachusetts Lottery ends loophole winners run on the game Cash Winfall after those who had the money to take advantage had been profiting during what is known as rolldown weeks on this lottery game from the Massachusetts Lottery. Rolldowns are when the game jackpot exceeds $2 million and nobody picks the winning jackpot numbers forcing the jackpot pool to go to those lottery players who match only four or five numbers instead of all six.

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The odds of picking all six numbers correctly on this Massachusetts Lottery game are around one in 9.3 million but on rolldown weeks a five number win could net a player as much as $135,000 and the odds of winning are much better at one in 39,000. This means that those who had the money to buy enough lottery tickets for the game had an excellent chance of making a profit.

Although this act is not illegal the Massachusetts Lottery is keen that all players who buy tickets for this game do so in the knowledge that they have an equal chance of winning.

Players have even been known to cross the border from Michigan to play the Cash Winfall game and buying hundreds of thousands of lottery tickets at a time. Some have even landed themselves temporary jobs so that they are able to sell Massachusetts Lottery tickets to themselves without going through regular store clerks.

The State Treasurer for the Massachusetts Lottery has announced that stores will now be limited to selling just $5,000 worth of these lotto tickets per day, forcing those who want to buy lottery tickets for this game in volume to go from store to store, making bulk buying much more difficult.

Written by Peter Kirkham


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